10 Ways to Save Money During Summer

Monday, October 12th, 2015

As the weather gets warmer, you’ll find there are tons of unique ways to save money around the house. These ways to save money during summer will have leave you with invaluable spare cash for the festive season. Save money in Summer in South Africa

10 Ways to Save Money During Summer


Because the habit of putting food away immediately may have slipped during the cooler months, start trying to remember to put your food in the fridge. Whether it’s fresh from the store, or tasty left-overs for tomorrow, try to remember to put food away properly to avoid waste.

Get Solar

Invest in solar powered equipment. While it’s an investment to start off with, you’ll find solar technology is especially useful. Cutting costs on electricity bills hiked up by things like geysers, lights, and the like can make all the difference in helping you save.

Keep it Short

Try to reduce your water use by taking shorter showers. Bathing in summer isn’t ideal because┬áincreased sweating can cause issues when it comes to sitting in water for longer periods of time. Instead keep it simple with a cooler shower – which will cool you down, reduce your water costs, and keep you healthier.

Put a Brick in It

Put a brick in your cistern to reduce the amount of water that goes into each toilet flush. As water is often at a premium in summer, reducing the amount of water you use can increase your savings.

Beach Days

Instead of spending excess money on complicated entertainment, take a family beach day or meet friends for sundowners of a blue-flag beach. Many beaches in South Africa as free to visit and provide a beautiful setting for any event.

Eat Seasonal Fruit

If you’re a big fruit eater, avoid buying fruit that’s not in season. Fruit like peaches, strawberries, and watermelons are good choice – and are great picnic fruit.

Keep Clean

Save on doctor’s bills in the warmer months by washing your hands regularity and being careful about eating food that may have spoiled. If you enjoy the outdoors, always check children, pets, and your own socks for ticks to avoid tick bite fever.

Plan Holiday Ahead of Time

The festive and holiday seasons are notoriously expensive for locals and visitors to South Africa. If you plan on travelling over the holiday season, make sure you get your bookings in ahead of time so that you don’t pay peak-season rates.

Tone Down the Sponteneity

While an afternoon drive or quick bite to eat is great off the bat, if you’re going to attend concerts, festivals, or events this season, try to but “early-bird” tickets from places like Checkers or Pick ‘n Pay (depending on the ticket type). This way you’ll save on costs and have something to look forward to.

Get Creative

A lot of money is spent on entertaining kids during the school holidays. If you can’t take too much time off, why not partner up with the parents of a friend? Play dates in groups can be tons of fun for your kids and allows you to organise larger, sometimes more cost-effective activities. Organise to take every other day off, or in alternating week blocks, and search around for deals to take groups of kids to. It’ll mean more work time for you and the other parents, and cheaper tickets or prices for activities you would normally have paid a higher price for.  

Are there any handy tips you have for saving money over the summer period? Let us know in the comments below. Photo by Truffles and Trends


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