20 Facts about Money

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Money drives our world – and it’s been evolving and changing since 12,000 B.C. These facts about money and our world will blow your mind.

20 Facts about Money: Apple

  1. Every minute Apple earns R 414 9000.
  2. Friday is the most popular day for visiting ATMs.
  3. The first credit card was created because of the embarrassment of a man who had to pay for dinner but forgot his wallet.
  4. Over 170 different currencies are used around the world today.
  5. All the gold discovered in the world would be a cube between 19 and 25 meters along each side, which would just fit into a tennis court.
  6.   20 Facts about Money: Bob Marley

  7. Bob Marley’s final words were “Money can’t buy life”.
  8. Modern coiin-counting machines can count 42 coins a second, and modern note-counting machines can count 25 notes a second.
  9. Arguing about money has been shown to be the top factor preceding divorce.
  10. More Monopoly money is printed than real money.
  11. Scientists have found that the key to finding happiness with money is in spending money on experiences rather than things.
  12.   gift

  13. Other studies show that spending money on others is more likely to make you happy than spending money on yourself.
  14. The oldest “money” every found are small pieces of obsidian that were used in Turkey as far back as 12,000 B.C.
  15. The Queen of England’s portrait has been on enough international back notes to make a progressive timeline of her aging.
  16. Early Romans used salt as a form of money. In fact, the world “salary” comes from sal , which means “salt” in Latin.
  17. The earliest recorded forgery of money was in 540 B.C. when Polycrates of Samos used fake gold coins to pay a debt he owed to Sparta.
  18. 20 Facts about Money: Sea Shells

  19. Sea shells were used as money. Smaller pieces of shell were worked into beads and also used as money. Both were valuable because they were used for body ornamentation.
  20. Until WWII teas bricks were used as money in Siberia.
  21. McDonald’s makes about R 1 021 320 000 a day.
  22. The worst market crash in the United States lasted two years (1930 – 1932) and contributed to the Great Depression.
  23. 90% of American dollar bills carry trace amounts of cocaine.

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