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Blacklisted Loan Applications

Otherwise referred to as loans for blacklisted, bad credit loans, loans for bad credit, or cash loans for blacklisted.While all blacklisted persons can apply and may qualify, not everybody will be approved depending on your credit status.

Have you applied for any cash loans recently, but you have been rejected on account of having bad credit? If so, don’t stress, because it is not uncommon. Millions of South Africans are experiencing the same struggle and you should not feel ashamed to ask us for a loan. You won’t know whether we can help you or not, unless you ask. And we are happy to assist you in determining whether or not you qualify.

Blacklisted Loans

EC Loans has credit providers willing to overlook certain past mistakes of yours. Provided you can afford the loan, you stand a chance of being granted one. Each credit provider will have varying sets of rules for credit scoring and blacklisting, typically unique to each applicant. Make no mistake, credit scores will be reviewed, but along with the following criteria.

• Permanent employment with a salary able to afford the loan.
• Not in administration, debt review or sequestration.
• Salary paid into a valid South African bank account in your name.
• The account holder has a valid South African green bar-coded ID.

Do you meet the requirements to qualify? At the very least, if you hold a permanent job and you are not currently receiving debt counseling and have a South African bank account as a South African citizen, you are in a good position to qualify. The best way to find out though is to complete an application form so we can assist you. There is no better way to help you without the sufficient information required, which can only be provided by you.

Click here to fill in the form and submit your application and we’ll get back to you.
EC Loans offers cash loans for blacklisted clients from Cape Town and all across South Africa. Don’t let a bad credit score stop you from reaching financial freedom. Consult EC Loans and let us help you improve your credit rating.

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Cost of credit and Application Requirements

Our financial service(s)/credit provider(s) offer between R1000 and R100 000,00 loans and are the best method of attending to an unforeseen financial event. Repayments are also tailored to suit your budget and your personal needs, they are also dependent upon your affordability and credit criteria. To apply for a loan you must, be a South African citizen or a permanent resident and 18 years or older with a valid identity document, earn a minimum of R1500 per month, have proof of your current residential address and your own a bank account into which your salary is deposited.

Cost of Credit:
Insurance: 1.25% of monthly opening balance
22.50% Benefit
The Maximum APR is 28% per annum

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