Personal Loans for Blacklisted: Part 2

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

So you need a blacklisted loan, but you’re not sure how to go about applying? There are a few essential documents you need before you can send your application in, but applying with EC Loans is as easy as a couple of clicks.

Documents needed when applying for a blacklisted loan

  • Clear id copy.
  • Latest salary advice ( Not older than 30 days )
  • Most recent bank statement. ( Refleting latest 2 salaries )

Why do we need these personal documents from you?

It is standard practice for financial institutions to not lend out money without checking whether you can afford the re payments, so they do need the documentation to work out your affordability. The financial lender helping people with a poor credit history are aware of the high risk they are taking in lending out this money and therefore also need these documents to prevent fraud.  They all have different means and ways of checking the documents, so the criteria will differ from lender to lender.

Can anyone apply for a blacklisted loan?

Each financial service provider has its own minimum criteria that needs to be met. Offering these loans does not mean that financial institutions are obliged to approve each and every application. If you are under administration/sequestration or debt counseling their requirements usually exclude you from obtaining any personal loan. You also need to be permanently employed to apply for a personal finance for blacklisted people. Some of the lenders also help if you are on contract depending on their rules regarding these. Last but not least, there is no reason to be ashamed to approach the lenders for loans for blacklisted people. There are millions of other people in the same boat as you and these lenders are there to help.

What service can I expect from the lenders with my bad credit record? 

You deserve and should receive the best services they can offer.  The fact that you have experienced financial problems due to circumstances beyond your control is no reason to be ashamed of.  Most people get into some troubles some time or the other. There are various kinds of loans for blacklisted clients, like personal loans, cell phone contracts, and debt consolidation loans, as well as pay day loans. Great news: we at EC Loans do assist clients that are blacklisted. We do 24-hour turnaround time on loans. So if you apply for your loan today money could be in your account within hours!


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